Artist Statement

                                                                    Photograph by Ramesh Narayanasamy

                                                                    Photograph by Ramesh Narayanasamy

My goal is to create imaginative photographs of ordinary moments in life suitable for your home, office, or public display. By capturing unique perspectives, landscapes, fine art closeups and combining them with my decades-long experience utilizing post-processing technologies, I turn these moments of time into works of art.

For me, photography in the 21st century is more than just capturing reality as it is. It’s more significant than just the composition, subject, or a beautiful view. A picture truly comes to life in the post-processing phase, where we as artists can capture not only the subtlest hues not noticeable to the human eye, but a wider spectrum of human emotion not normally experienced in our day to day lives.

My work encompasses a variety of different categories, from fine art, closeups, black and white, and beautiful landscape photos. I travel relatively frequently, but I base most of my pictures out of the Southern Alberta area in Canada.

Much of the post-processing software I use is features the same lines of code I studied and researched when I was an research assistant at the University of Belgrade. Coupled with a passion for photography that goes all the way back to when I was a child peeking into my fathers own dark-room, this combination of technology and passion are the cornerstones of my art.

Overall, my mission is to produce some of the most beautiful images of ordinary moments made to come alive through the power of digital enhancement.