Discovering a New World of Photography

I am a father, professional engineer, and creative technologist living in the city of Calgary, Canada for the past 20 years. My specialty is in the digital photography of nature, urban landscape, fine art, and portraits to bring out the hidden beauty of the ordinary moments that often are missed in our lives.

Growing up as a child my interest in Photography was grown by my father. Using an old-school dark-room in his own home to develop his photos, I can recall with nostalgia the seemingly magical procedure my father would use to bring his images to life.

In University, I specialized in enhancing digital images and my research was published in academic journals, outlining methods of enhancement that 30 years later become commonplace in brand-name software packages for digital photography.

My vision for the future is to broaden the scope of my work, seeking new perspectives, moments, and images to add to my collection of photos. It is my hope that my work will serve to enhance the appreciation and enjoyment of the wonderful art that is photography.