The Beauty and Majesty of Tree Photography - Part 2

By Goran Prvulovic

A few weeks ago we took a look through some of my tree pictures, and we covered a variety of different photos, including ones of various seasons and weather conditions. This week, I wanted to cover some more unique pictures that we’ve taken over the past few months. Gathered over a variety of different locales, from alpine to tropical, here’s a new set of photo’s to appreciate and draw inspiration from.

Moving beyond the basics of weather and season, let’s take some time to appreciate what good composition can achieve in many of these photos.

If there is one thing I need to stress when it comes to getting better at photographing trees, its practice, practice, and more practice. Pick a tree, any tree, and start photographing it in as many ways and from as many angles as you possibly can. Play around with the angle, composition, and part of the tree you want to experiment with. If there is anything that will improve your tree photography the most, it’s making sure you have sufficient practice under your belt.









This is one of my personal favorites. It’s simple, vibrant, and extremely interesting – it almost looks like it’s some sort of a painting. From a color palette perspective, the picture brings a lot to the table. A green tree, the yellow grass, and a clear, pristine blue sky make this picture great to look at. Compositionally, its simplicity is its greatest strength, and the dog (which isn’t my own, by the way) just happened to be in the picture, giving some extra uniqueness to an
otherwise normal picture.














This one is another favorite of mine, but you’ll notice how this picture is almost the opposite from the previous one. The trees are along the edges and bottom of the picture, but the main object of this photo is the beautiful mountain. It’s a different type of picture, giving you a more in-the-wilds type of feeling to it.







Here’s an example of shooting pictures from a different angle. Positioning myself right at the bottom of a large tree, this upward-looking shot captures an angle that most people seldom get to see – the essence of good photography.













Let’s now switch gears and look at a couple of black and white pictures instead. Looking here, the barren cliff of the mountain alongside the lone, defiant tree gives off a desolate, empty feeling to the picture - almost like an old-school wilderness movie.











This shot gives off a more tropical feel, not only because of the green foliage that surrounds the plant but also in the sheer contrast of color between the yellow trunk of the subject tree. It draws one’s eyes to the center of the image, basking in the deep, tropical green color.


Practice, creativity, and consistency are the secrets to successful photography, and anyone that’s willing to put in the time and effort can get comparable results.

Until next time,

Goran Prvulovic