Observing The Majesty of Sunsets

By Goran Prvulovic

Unless you have an odd work schedule, most of us tend to miss the beautiful moments of a sunrise, and conversely, spend most of our evenings cooking dinner, watching TV, catching up with friends, or whatever else we tend to do after work. What this means is that most of us aren’t able to sit back and enjoy the beautiful sunsets we are exposed to every single day.

For us photographers, that means we have an opportunity to capture a moment in time that most of us don't get to witness too often. With such a bountiful potential to be explored, I would be remiss if I didn’t bring up some of my past sunset pictures to talk about.

Sunsets come in a variety of forms, but for the purpose of this blog I will split them up between clear sunsets and obstructed sunsets.

A clear sunset, with nothing obstructing the sun, lets us glare at the beauty of this celestial object without having to worry about blinding our eyes. Whereas in an obstructed sunset, where the sun is blocked partially or fully and serves to illuminate the surrounding skyscape, a clear sunset is where you can see the suns silhouette. That’s the main focus of the picture, and whether the photo shows a clear, flat horizon or a more mountainous viewpoint, these sunsets allow us to show off the beauty of nature with a simple picture.

Now if you look at an obstructed sunset such as this one, we see that the emphasis isn’t in the sun but rather the clouds instead. As its being covered up by the clouds in the lower portion of the picture, the sun gives off a luminescence that lights up the sky and helps to contrast the encroaching darkness that is heralding the night.

Of course, I don’t need to say that sunsets bring out a set of colors in the sky that are unique. Shades of orange, yellow, and red flourish as the sun sets – reminiscent of changing leaf colors in fall. With some digital enhancement, this unique palette can be brought out to even great effect.

Sunset photography might not be the most original idea out there, but it’s a staple in any professional landscape photographer’s portfolio for a good reason. When done properly, Sunsets can be a gorgeous addition to your portfolio of photos as well.

Hopefully, this post gives you some insight and inspiration for your repertoire of pictures.

Until next time,
Goran Prvulovic