The Beauty and Majesty of Tree Photography

By Goran Prvulovic

One of my favorite types of pictures to take is those of trees. They hold an interesting meaning too many; split between being rooted deep into the earth, while also projecting themselves to reach into the sky. Ancient cultures respected trees as symbols of nature’s wisdom, strength, beauty. Like us, they start off small, a mere seed, small and helpless and no different from any other seemingly insignificant plant, but end up growing into such tall and majestic beings in a way that would inspire us all.

Tree’s remind us of nature, of the suburban dream. Calling us to get away from the concrete, skyscraper jungle that so many of us make our living in, pictures of trees and nature bring out the longing in our souls for a more relaxed, tranquil existence.

In a tree, not only can you see images of strength and beauty, but also the cycle of life. Each season encapsulates a different ambiance; the fresh, bright, cheer of spring, to the contemplative, quiet solitude of winter, a tree can give off a completely different energy depending on the season you capture it in. These pictures of mine are, as you can obviously tell, from winter. But even in one season, there can be such a wide variance in the mood of the picture.

What energy does the above picture give off? It’s clearly in winter, but the sky is perfectly clear, almost like in a hot summer. With some digital enhancing, I can make the sky a deeper blue as well. Although in winter, this beautiful picture looks like a crystalline wonderland in a snow globe that just had all of the snow settle on the bottom. How different would this picture be if it were if the weather was instead a cloudy overcast?


Compare that picture with something like this. Still in winter, but cloudy, overcast, and well as in black and white. This might be something people would more stereotypically associate with winter; the black and white give off the sterile, lifeless feeling that this month often conveys. Winter can also be seen a melancholic month, with the overcast helps give off.

But how about something like this?

In this case, where even though the grass and trees are covered in frost, the pathway is clear of anything on it. The changing weather allows you to have a constant variety of the types of photo’s you can take.

True opportunities are endless when it comes to these beautiful plants, and best of all, they are everywhere (unless you live in a desert). You don’t need to go on any crazy outdoor adventures, just step outside your front door and allow your creativity to take you beyond your wildest dreams.

For any beginner photographer’s out there, finding material to shoot doesn’t need to be hard.

Try this experiment if you’re interested. Find a beautiful tree somewhere in your neighborhood, don’t go too far, something that is relatively easily accessible. Take a picture of that same tree every week of the year. You’d be startled at the sheer variety you will find in your pictures.

Let me know what you think,