My Reason and Inspiration for Becoming a Professional Photographer

Let me tell you an unfortunate truth about how most of us live our lives.

Most of us are asleep to the beauties of nature.

For the most part, they wake up, follow their morning routines, go take their commute, work in their cubicle for eight or so hours, take the commute back, relax a bit, and go to bed.

They repeat this process day in, day out, week after week, year after year.

As a software engineer, I should know, I have lived that way for most of my life. But when I started to learn about photography something amazing happened.

I began to see!

Now I know that might sound weird to you, but when you learn photography, you see things in a different angle. You are more observant, more discerning. You can find opportunities, moments if you will, that you walking about through you daily life would never have noticed!

It’s kind of like how a trained musician hears differently from how most of us hear, or how a writer writes and reads differently than most of us, or how an artist looks at things differently. Being trained in an art allows you to perceive things in a manner that the untrained eye or ear or mind does not notice.

This blew me away, and I started on a journey that has been going on to this day. I’ve been passionate about capturing as many new and creative moments as possible and showing them to my friends and family who would have never thought such a creative perspective could exist.

What you see

What you see

What I see

What I see

Now, most of us are not going to notice something like that. In all honesty, they don’t have time to train themselves in photography and the art of seeing the world through a photographer’s eyes.

That’s why I made it my mission to do that for them.

I will encapsulate the beautiful moments that, like buried treasure, seem invisible to most of us as we live our daily lives, not noticing the full spectrum of beauty the world has to offer if only they could see.

I want to uncover all the visual treasures of the world, buried beneath the ordinariness of life, and bring them to life and display with everything I have at my disposal, especially with the power of digital enhancement considering my expertise and background.

I hope that my work will be able to add freshness, beauty, and an appreciation for life regardless of where you keep it; in your office, practice, or home.

Until next time,



P.S. In the meantime, you can expect more upcoming blog posts about the basics of photography, advanced techniques and tricks, marketing your work, how to identify the best photographer for your project and more, so stay tuned.